Yes –  another throwback from 2009: I think gyms are mostly comical. Not completely, but predominately. For a lot of men, they’re like a masculine catwalk with metallic obstacles – to make it more manly of course. I often see guys wearing their workout edition daisy-dukes and dental floss t-shirts, parading back and forth throughout … Continue reading


It was the summer of 1996. Before Facebook, Youtube, and plunging male V-necks, there was a bright and shining era of American narrative known as “The Family Vacation.” My great family was then and still is in the habit of joining throngs of beloved relatives each summer at a glorious little “campground” in Alpena, Michigan … Continue reading


A Throwback from the dark ages of 2002! There is a library in my hometown that I adore. It really doesn’t look like a library at all though. It’s smooshed (or shmushed, depending on your region) in between a creepy costume shop and a Buddy’s Pizza. This costume shop is creepy enough for me to … Continue reading


I am sick right now. That isn’t something that I care to admit all that often. Maybe because it sounds “weak” to me and my carnal masculine bent is to never allow my vulnerability to be that exposed. Or maybe I’m just stubborn. I suppose “both” is a viable answer as well. As I child … Continue reading


During my time in India a few years ago I spent the majority of my time in the poorest neighborhoods I could find. As it turns out, these neighborhoods were among the poorest, not only within India, but the entire world. Truthfully I don’t know if I have ever seen poverty like I did that … Continue reading


This is arguably the longest thing I have ever written. Be forewarned or skip all together! Did you catch those last two lines? “What are you without your stuff?” “Or better yet, without your stuff, who are you?” I don’t think I have to try very hard to make a convincing case that we have … Continue reading


I love writing on the train. There’s something so therapeutic about being in close proximity with a handful of strangers, in a place where the scenery is always changing, always new. I have a deep respect and affinity for the unfamiliar. When I was in college, I used to frequently ride the train with no … Continue reading


This story has chickens in it. If you’re easily frightened by poultry in motion, you may want to skip this one. Years ago my family and I were at my aunt and uncle’s house in a town outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. They all lived in this wonderful house that my uncle built years ago for … Continue reading


Here’s another Throwback-Circa 2006! (Please forgive the grammatical errors and over-all writing oversights) So my initial contact and reason for going to India was to work with a man named Shavez and his church in Delhi for the summer in accordance with my degree program requirements. When I first got there however, I received an … Continue reading


I recently stumbled upon some things I wrote literally 10 years ago. This is one of those findings: I just spent three hours sitting in an old house turned coffee shop listening to men and women old and young pour out there hearts before a room of people, some strangers, others friends, but people nonetheless. … Continue reading


My beloved Dodge Neon recently reached the 100,000 mile marker. It’s not that I haven’t owned a vehicle with more than 100,000 miles before. In fact, I’ve purchased most of my vehicles at the 100,000+ marker. But I purchased this particular vehicle at 2,945 miles, and if you know anything at all about my history … Continue reading


Trust is a fascinating thing. I think each of us is taught how, when, and to what extent we should trust in remarkably unique ways throughout our lives. Every parent, sibling, friend, and relative brings a different perspective to this important topic. If, for instance, you have been hurt by a particular type of person … Continue reading


Last night I was talking with a friend about music. He shared a story that he had remembered reading about some violin virtuoso. This guy had traveled the world playing music with countless musicians, performed numerous times at Carnegie hall, and had established himself as somewhat of a deity in the musical world. This particular … Continue reading


I am tired. I’m not going to lie. I wouldn’t do that to you. Just outright exhausted. Pooped. Spent. Cansado. Yтомленн. Müde. 疲れた. But I am going to do my best to power through with my attempt, and hopefully something cohesive will emerge. Then again, what really is the feasible likelihood of that anyway? Good … Continue reading


I remember when I saw a group of my seniors off to prom. It was so entertaining to see them looking so snazzy, “dressed to the nine” as they say. Each one had their own unique flare – whether it was a fez, a kilt, a homemade dress/vest/tie/pocket square combo, or just that perfect corsage. … Continue reading

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