I adore my grandmother. I actually don’t ever call her that. My name for her ever since I was two years old has been “Fram-Fram”. In fact, that was the exact name I called my grandfather by as well. When I addressed letters to the both of them, I began them like this: Dearest Fram … Continue reading


I was homeschooled. There is little I can do to keep you from drawing certain jaundiced conclusions based on the above sentence. In fact, some of you are probably judging me right now. I can’t say that I blame you – I do the same thing to other homeschoolers and I’m sort of getting used … Continue reading

Jesus ≠ Religion – A Stumbling Attempt at a Response

(Be forewarned that this post is long. If you’re brave enough to tackle it, you may want to stretch and hydrate first) Jesus ≠ Religion… Please don’t misunderstand me – I thoroughly and completely believe that Jesus is, indeed, greater than (>) religion. Much greater. So much greater, in fact, that I feel it is … Continue reading

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