Easter : What Now?

It’s Monday.   – The eggs have been successfully hunted down with precision and valor. – The pastel dresses and nicely pressed suits have been hung/thrown back into the closet. – The bunny ears are tucked away neatly to frighten small children again next year. – The sugar highs have slowly turned into sugar crashes. … Continue reading

The Weight of Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday. On this day there is great silence, great stillness. On this day – we tread water   This, to me, is one of the most important moments in the Holy Week. The Bible tells us nothing about disciples between the cross and resurrection. We do know they didn’t anticipate the resurrection, … Continue reading

Is Good Friday Good?

Crucifixion. Invented by the Persians. Adapted by Alexander the Great. Passed on to the Carthaginians. Perfected by the Romans. Jewish historian Josephus called crucifixion – “the most wretched of deaths.” Roman philosopher Cicero forbade even the thought of it by stating, “Far be the very name of the cross, not only from the body, but … Continue reading

St. Patrick: The Marshmallow Loving, Beer-Drinking, Snake-Charming Leprechaun

You’ve all probably seen a post or two setting the record straight regarding the origins of St. Patrick’s Day. If you missed the onslaught of facts these last couple of days and are still sober enough to read them (here’s hoping) – I’ll highlight some of my favorites here:

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