Learn How To Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions By Resolving To Follow These 38 Annual Steps

    “11 Simple Ways To Not Be a Terrible Person in 2015”   “Have a Mind-Meltingly Good Year By Following This One Weird (Possibly Illegal) Trick”   “Achieve Total Global Domination In The Next 52 Weeks!“   “Click On This Horrifically Misleading Image to Learn 17 Mediocre Hacks That We’ve Impulsively Labeled as ‘Genius’” … Continue reading

Gold, Frankincense… But Wait – There’s Myrrh!

We made it! It’s here! It’s Christmas!   Have you received a gift that, after unwrapping it, you thought, hopefully to yourself, “not even close…”? Or how about a present that was just downright rib-tickling? You might even get one today!   I remember when I was eight years old – the year was 1980-something … Continue reading

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and a Cultural Hermeneutic

As the social temperature continues to rise my heart continues to sink.   Truthfully – my first instinct regarding the Darren Wilson verdict last week was to say nothing. I wasn’t there. I don’t have a law degree. I’m not originally from that community nor do I reside there currently. With the tsunami of responses … Continue reading

ISIS: An Audacious Prayer for Our Enemies

This may not be a well-liked post.   In 2001 I was a gangly college student working at a coffee shop in Dearborn, MI – the city I was born and raised in, the city of my youth. What you may not know is that, at the time, Dearborn was home to the largest Middle-Eastern … Continue reading

Robin Williams: Pulling Back the Curtain of Isolation

Yesterday I watched as my newsfeed erupted with posts regarding the grievous death of Robin Williams. The enormous number of people sharing their heartbreak online I think shows just what a tremendous impact this man had on so many lives.   As media continued to cover this tragedy throughout the day, more and more headlines emerged: … Continue reading

Bibliotheca: $1 Mil Raised and Why I Think It Matters

“People love stories. People still love to get lost in a good story.”   Those are the opening words to a brilliantly made video for a brilliantly conceived project called “Bibliotheca.”   The endeavor, dreamt up by my friend and fellow Judson University alum Adam Greene, has literally taken the interwebs by figurative storm – … Continue reading

How We Lost The World Cup

The other guys scored more points. #TimHowardForPresident

Who’s in charge? 6 Saucy Ideas for Today’s Leader to Consider (Or Not)

So you’re in charge.  Whether you consider yourself a “leader” or not, there are a few truths I’ve found to be true of exceptional men and women of influence – compiled here in saucy, bite-sized pieces for your consumption:   1. My eyes are up here.   We know you’re busy running the universe, but … Continue reading

Kingdom of God: Disembodied Evacuation, Hippie Propaganda, or Sci-Fi Saga?

Why did Jesus come into the world?   It’s a pretty simple question – but the answers are innumerable: To reveal God to us To seek and save the lost To provide an example for how to live To defeat sin and death While I think these are solid answers – I would assert that … Continue reading

Getting Worship Wrong

The lights fade. The crowd quiets. The well-timed fog rolls in. Cue lasers. Ready the doves. “Good morning church. Let’s begin with some worship!” Sans the fog and lasers – this is a scenario a lot of us are not unfamiliar with. My question is – should that concern us? In ancient cultures social life … Continue reading

Donald Sterling, Racism, and a Gospel Response

In light of the recent Donald Sterling scandal, there seems to be a lot volatile discussion in the media regarding the issue of race and discrimination. Not surprisingly – the Christian voice is certainly among the chorus of responses I’ve seen – and I think that’s a good thing. But, as is the case with … Continue reading

The Church: Holy, Hip, or Harlot?

The word “church” is a pretty loaded word. For some, it evokes memories of love and community. For others – the reminiscence isn’t nearly as pleasant.  Few words, ideas, or constructs have been as polarizing as “church.” No matter how you look at it, the story of the Christian church is stunning. What started as … Continue reading

Easter: After the Sugar-High

The eggs have been successfully hunted down with precision. The sugar highs have turned into sugar crashes. The pastel dresses and nicely pressed suits are hung/thrown back into the closet. The bunny ears are stored neatly to frighten children again next year. The Easter lilies are… somewhere. The day after Easter is referred to by many … Continue reading

The Scandal of the Cross

Crucifixion. Invented by the Persians. Adapted by Alexander the Great. Passed on to the Carthaginians. Perfected by the Romans. Jewish historian Josephus called crucifixion – “the most wretched of deaths.” Roman philosopher Cicero forbade even the thought of it by stating, “Far be the very name of the cross, not only from the body, but … Continue reading

St. Patrick: The Marshmallow Loving, Beer-Drinking, Snake-Charming Leprechaun

By now you’ve all probably seen a post or two setting the record straight regarding the origins of St. Patrick’s Day. If you missed the onslaught of facts and are still sober enough to read them– I’ll highlight some of my favorites: St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. Wait, so he wasn’t a leprechaun? St. Patrick’s birth … Continue reading

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