St. Patrick: The Marshmallow Loving, Beer-Drinking, Snake-Charming Leprechaun

You’ve all probably seen a post or two setting the record straight regarding the origins of St. Patrick’s Day. If you missed the onslaught of facts these last couple of days and are still sober enough to read them (here’s hoping) – I’ll highlight some of my favorites here: St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. Wait, so … Continue reading

From Yellow Barn to Yellow Box

It was 10 years ago that I received a call from a church – a church I had never even applied to – offering me a job. It was a season of my life I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be a part of a church let alone work at one, but that … Continue reading

Easter : What Now?

It’s Monday.   – The eggs have been successfully hunted down with precision and valor. – The pastel dresses and nicely pressed suits have been hung/thrown back into the closet. – The bunny ears are tucked away neatly to frighten small children again next year. – The sugar highs have slowly turned into sugar crashes. … Continue reading

The Weight of Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday. On this day there is great silence, great stillness. On this day – we tread water   This, to me, is one of the most important moments in the Holy Week. The Bible tells us nothing about disciples between the cross and resurrection. We do know they didn’t anticipate the resurrection, … Continue reading

Is Good Friday Good?

Crucifixion. Invented by the Persians. Adapted by Alexander the Great. Passed on to the Carthaginians. Perfected by the Romans. Jewish historian Josephus called crucifixion – “the most wretched of deaths.” Roman philosopher Cicero forbade even the thought of it by stating, “Far be the very name of the cross, not only from the body, but … Continue reading

Learn How To Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions By Resolving To Follow These 38 Annual Steps

    “11 Simple Ways To Not Be a Terrible Person in 2015”   “Have a Mind-Meltingly Good Year By Following This One Weird (Possibly Illegal) Trick”   “Achieve Total Global Domination In The Next 52 Weeks!“   “Click On This Horrifically Misleading Image to Learn 17 Mediocre Hacks That We’ve Impulsively Labeled as ‘Genius’” … Continue reading

The Church: Holy, Hip, or Harlot?

The word “church” is a pretty loaded word. For some, it evokes memories of love and community. For others – the reminiscence isn’t nearly as pleasant.  Few words, ideas, or constructs have been as polarizing as “church.” No matter how you look at it, the story of the Christian church is stunning. What started as … Continue reading

Let Your Groin Be Your Guide: A Valentine’s Day Post

Today is the day. You know it, I know it. In fact, you’ll be had pressed to find someone who doesn’t know it. The beginning of President’s Day weekend is finally here! But if you’re not as gubernatorial – you probably also know that today is Valentine’s Day – a day that brings gleeful giggles … Continue reading

Racism, Reverse-Racism, and the Subtlety of Suburbia

Last week I asked friends, family, and my community about their perspective on racism. I never could have imagined how fascinating their responses would be. These are some of them: Martin.Zimmerman.Survey (click the link to view the pdf)   “The more fractured we are, the greater we become spectacles to the world. The more we … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and the Racial Divide

I am at my computer on Saturday evening, July 13th – staring unsettled at the content I have prepared for a teaching on racism tomorrow. I was certain that something in my message needed to shift, but unsure exactly how – until I logged onto Facebook. News of the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict flooded … Continue reading


The year was 1993. I was ten years old, cleaning up my filthy room when I spotted my younger in the backyard. He was doing something quite peculiar, so being the good big brother that I was – I went to investigate.   As I entered the backyard I realized that my initial assessment was … Continue reading


My world shakes. Literally. I was born with a neurological defect that causes my eyes to rapidly shake back and forth – all of the time. From what I understand, doctors believe that this strange shaking is the result of trauma to my brain during birth. To the best of their knowledge, the culprit is … Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI

This morning 85 year-old Pope Benedict announced his resignation – the first pope in over 600 years to do so. One main concern was his advancing age, and as the 5th oldest person to ever be elected (at the age of 78) – that is certainly understandable. (You can read his official letter of resignation … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Shooting

This is not a post about gun control. It is not a post about policy. It is not even a post about violence. “More than 25 Dead, Including 18 Children, in Connecticut Elementary School Shooting” When I read the above headline, though, I simply could not contain my tears. I still can’t – but I … Continue reading


  I feel a bit like a political refugee.   Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I feel a bit like a legislative vagrant in a post-religious-right America, roving the dimly lit streets without a real home to lay my head. Most times it’s difficult to ignore the notion that under it … Continue reading

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