Gold, Frankincense… But Wait – There’s Myrrh!

We made it! It’s here! It’s Christmas!   Have you received a gift that, after unwrapping it, you thought, hopefully to yourself, “not even close…”? Or how about a present that was just downright rib-tickling? You might even get one today!   I remember when I was eight years old – the year was 1980-something … Continue reading

The Church: Holy, Hip, or Harlot?

The word “church” is a pretty loaded word. For some, it evokes memories of love and community. For others – the reminiscence isn’t nearly as pleasant.  Few words, ideas, or constructs have been as polarizing as “church.” No matter how you look at it, the story of the Christian church is stunning. What started as … Continue reading


I do not have a good memory. That’s probably far too gentle a way to put it. My memory is downright deplorable, to be honest. Some may falsely observe this as “selective memory”, but I assert that I simply have below average recall in every aspect of the word. It’s not the caliber of forgetfulness … Continue reading

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