Learn How To Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions By Resolving To Follow These 38 Annual Steps

    “11 Simple Ways To Not Be a Terrible Person in 2015”   “Have a Mind-Meltingly Good Year By Following This One Weird (Possibly Illegal) Trick”   “Achieve Total Global Domination In The Next 52 Weeks!“   “Click On This Horrifically Misleading Image to Learn 17 Mediocre Hacks That We’ve Impulsively Labeled as ‘Genius’” … Continue reading


Here’s another Throwback-Circa 2006! (Please forgive the grammatical errors and over-all writing oversights) So my initial contact and reason for going to India was to work with a man named Shavez and his church in Delhi for the summer in accordance with my degree program requirements. When I first got there however, I received an … Continue reading

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