Learn How To Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions By Resolving To Follow These 38 Annual Steps

    “11 Simple Ways To Not Be a Terrible Person in 2015”   “Have a Mind-Meltingly Good Year By Following This One Weird (Possibly Illegal) Trick”   “Achieve Total Global Domination In The Next 52 Weeks!“   “Click On This Horrifically Misleading Image to Learn 17 Mediocre Hacks That We’ve Impulsively Labeled as ‘Genius’” … Continue reading


I am a coward. That might be a bit melodramatic, but the thought certainly crosses my mind from time to time. My cowardice isn’t uncovered in the ways you would traditionally think either. Jumping out of planes, off of bridges, or out of cars doesn’t really scare me – I don’t find heights or depths … Continue reading


I am sick right now. That isn’t something that I care to admit all that often. Maybe because it sounds “weak” to me and my carnal masculine bent is to never allow my vulnerability to be that exposed. Or maybe I’m just stubborn. I suppose “both” is a viable answer as well. As I child … Continue reading


This is arguably the longest thing I have ever written. Be forewarned or skip all together! Did you catch those last two lines? “What are you without your stuff?” “Or better yet, without your stuff, who are you?” I don’t think I have to try very hard to make a convincing case that we have … Continue reading


I do not have a good memory. That’s probably far too gentle a way to put it. My memory is downright deplorable, to be honest. Some may falsely observe this as “selective memory”, but I assert that I simply have below average recall in every aspect of the word. It’s not the caliber of forgetfulness … Continue reading

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